About Us

Where it all started... 

Here's a picture of our founder, Jamie, planting a tree - or is he just chilling out..? We're not sure. Either way, over that (very long) spring weekend our team planted over 1275 trees!
So why is this tree being planted? Well, in order for us to understand how and why the SustainaBox seed was planted, we need to backtrack to August 2020.
Jamie was working in the production line for a company in the notoriously wasteful hamper/gifting industry. Feeling frustrated at the industry's lack of ambition to tackle the ever-mounting social and environmental challenges we're facing, Jamie saw an opportunity to create a company that holds these values at its core. That was how the SustainaBox seed was planted. 
SustainaBox exists for this reason: to make a real lasting impact on the environment and societies in which we live. 

How we achieve this 

At SustainaBox, we have a three pronged approach to making our boxes as sustainable as possible... or as we like to think of it as one giant right hook to the face of climate change. 


    Maybe you didn't come to this page to be lectured on trees (maybe you did) but that's what the next 20 seconds is looking like for you. 
    We believe there’s more to tree planting than carbon sequestration. Our wider mission is to replenish UK woodlands, creating balanced and thriving ecosystems. Britain’s recent history is littered with damaging planting initiatives; large-scale carbon offsetting operations without thought for the natural environment. We work closely with the Woodland Trust to ensure the trees we plant suit their environment and are of maximum ecological benefit in the long term.
    To summarise: We plant the right trees, at the right time and in the right places to ensure we're building lifelong and thriving eco-systems. 
    If you want to see more about our planting initiatives then check out our tree planing page.


      We're so proud to work with the companies that we are, each one is handpicked because they're on their very own crucial mission against social and environmental issues. 
      From beers that donate 100% of their profits to clean water charities, candles that help protect Women from domestic abuse and wines that are protecting our oceans; these are just some of the crucial issues that our partners are fighting every day. 


        Firstly, before the SustainaBox even gets to you, it's delivered in a carbon neutral certified way so that any emissions generated are completely offset through the purchasing of carbon credits. 
        Then we get to the box itself and this is where we've doubled down on the concept of recycling and aim for packaging that can be completely repurposed.

        by encouraging our customers to repurpose their packaging by planting the seeds we enclose and turning their SustainaBox into a germination tray. By growing your own produce at home, you’re reducing your waste and plastic footprint. 

        Just follow these simple steps:

        1. Fill your SustainaBox with 3-4 inches seed compost and moisten with water.
        2. Spread your seeds evenly on top.
        3. Cover with a thin layer of compost, just 1/4 of an inch. Gently pat down the new soil and water generously.
        4. Place your new germination tray in a warm sunny windowsill or greenhouse. Keep inside before May.
        5. If you want to go even further, you can bury your entire SustainaBox in the ground once your plants are mature. The biodegrading SustainaBox will improve soil nutrients and plant growth! We only advise this in summer months.

        Where it's going...

        We're not short of big and bold aspirations at SustainaBox. Our vision of becoming the leading gift box supplier isn't tied to our own success. It is intertwined with increased social and environmental impact that will prosper and flourish for years to come. We want to create thriving woodland habitats for the generations to come because we believe we can plant a better future for all.