Cooper King Distillery Ltd | The Great British Exchange

As England’s first carbon negative gin, Cooper King produce outstanding sustainable spirits underpinned by craftsmanship, honesty and adventure. Their sustainable practices include a highly efficient vacuum distillation process that saves both energy and water and their self-built distillery is powered by 100% green energy. They source the botanicals and grain locally and use lightweight glass bottling and plastic free packaging to maximise their green impact. Just like at Sustainabox, they share our love of the environment and tree planting mission. With each bottle purchased they plant 1 square metre of broadleaf woodland on the Yorkshire dales, helping to replenish our natural ecosystems. Taught by Bill Lark, the godfather of Tasmanian whisky, and armed with a wealth of knowledge gathered from across Tasmania’s now internationally acclaimed distilleries and beyond, they'll settle for making nothing less than authentic spirit, unshackled from tradition.

FOUNDERS: Abbie and Chris


 Once a scientist and an architect, they are now the founders of England’s most exciting new distillery. In 2014, a desire to leave the rat race led them across the globe to Australia, in search of sun, sand and adventure. In Tazmania, they were inspired by the ingenuity and determination of the Tasmanian whisky distillers and compelled by their love of good whisky, they made it their mission to bring that ethos back home, setting up a truly independent craft distillery right here in Blighty.