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Divine Chocolate is a global social enterprise driven by their mission to grow a successful global farmer owned chocolate company using the amazing power of chocolate to delight and engage. Their business model reflects the belief that producers should earn a share of the profits they help to create. That’s why a key shareholder of Divine Chocolate is Kuapa Kokoo Farmers’ Union, a co-operative of 100,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana who grow the finest quality cocoa for our everyday and seasonal collections. The farmers’ ownership stake in Divine Chocolate is a first in the Fairtrade world.



In the early 1990s, structural changes in the cocoa market in Ghana prompted Nana Frimpong Abebrese to begin creating a farmer-owned company to help farmers sell their own cocoa. To ensure more benefits for cocoa farmers, a new co-operative of cocoa farmers called Kuapa Kokoo is established on Fairtrade principles. With support from NGOs like Twin Trading, and SNV, Kuapa Kokoo initially started with a membership of 2,000 farmers from 22 villages and was soon certified to sell Fairtrade cocoa. In 1998, Twin Trading and Kuapa Kokoo launch The Day Chocolate Company in the UK and its fist chocolate brand, Divine Chocolate. In 2007, the Day Chocolate changed its name to Divine Chocolate Ltd to more closely align the company with the flagship brand. Since then, the company has become a certified B Corp and celebrated 20 years of empowering farmers!