Ecoffee Cup


A little over 30 years ago, humans came up with an unfortunate invention – the modern single-use “paper” cup. In three short decades, an estimated 3 trillion of these cups have ended up in landfill, with half a trillion added each year (that’s 70 per person on the planet). Due to their plastic content, less than 1% of these have been recycled.


Ecoffee have designed an earth-friendly alternative made from natural fibre, corn starch and resin. What’s more, their materials are BPA, BPS and phthalate-free… Don’t know what these are? We did some digging, and we promise you’ll be happy they are this way. The re-sealable ‘no-drip’ lid is made from food-grade and latex-free silicone which is designed for suited for hot liquids, microwaves and dishwashers.




Ecoffee Cup founders Ali and David McLagan are defying the single-use coffee cup market and activating consumer consciousness towards responsible re-use. Before founding Ecoffee Cup, David’s career was dominated by branding.


His business partner and wife Ali had cut her career teeth in B2B sales and marketing. So, when the determined couple put their heads together and combined their creativity, commercial savviness and entrepreneurial spirits, it was all going for their re-usable on-the-go cup brand.

Ali and David McLagan were running a start-up souvenir brand in London when David was in China and spotted the main material that would go on to become the base for Ecoffee Cup.

 “Around that time, I had started to question the usage of single-use cups and it got me thinking. Even in 2014, there were 100 billion of them going to landfill every year. It was just insane.” – David McLagan, Co-Founder Ecoffee Cup

“The notion of re-use has always been somewhat elitist from a pricing perspective. Real change will only happen once we embrace the mainstream” – Ali McLagan, Co-Founder Ecoffee Cup