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Future Brew is a sustainable, carbon negative brewery making planet changing beer using surplus bread as a key ingredient. An astonishing 44% of UK bread production - nearly 900,000 tonnes - goes to waste every year and they felt that wasting all that glorious gluten seemed ridiculous! To save as much of the surplus as possible, they have been busy creating a business model that is environmentally sustainable from start to finish. From the ingredients of their delicious beer, transportation, and the packaging it comes in, you can be sure of its positive impact. Furthermore, following partnerships with Waitrose, ASDA, and FareShare they ran a mystery bag scheme with surplus food during the COVID-19 lockdown, providing ingredients for nearly 9000 meals to vulnerable groups such as low-income schoolchildren.



FOUNDERS: Dimitri, Jake, and Wez





Future Brew was founded in April 2019 by Southampton University students Dimitri, Jake, and Wez. They are passionate about all things sustainable and making a real impact.