Montezuma's |

Montezuma’s are a British chocolatier who make their extraordinary chocolate with ethically sourced cocoa in accordance with their ‘trading fairly’ policy. They work with a number of suppliers to source the best-tasting chocolate and ensure they meet stringent ethical criteria and certifications including Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, Soil Association and Cocoa Horizons. Also, they never use palm oil in any of their products. They have reduced their impact on the environment with their new range of sustainable packaging. Every piece of packaging on every chocolate sold is recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. That includes the glue, inks and stickers, as well as the tape, pallet wrap, and everything else used for packaging and distribution. Montezuma’s is currently in the process of becoming carbon neutral and are seeking B-Corp accreditation, requiring full transparency of their environmental impact.


FOUNDERS: Helen and Simon Pattinson



In the late 1990s, Helen and Simon wanted a change from their careers in Law and decided to go travelling in South America. Whilst there, they camped around cocoa plantations and discovered a love of all thongs chocolatey. On their return to the UK, they decided to start up their own chocolate company with a vision to become Britain’s greatest little chocolate company, in respect to both the chocolate they produced and the inclusive and progressive company they would create.