Rubies in the Rubble

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Did you know, a third of all food produced globally is wasted. Rubies in the Rubble believe that food should be valued as a precious resource and consequently, they pack their fantastic products with delicious ingredients that would otherwise go to waste - not because they taste any different, but often because they’re the wrong shape, size or colour. So far on their journey, Rubies in the Rubble have saved 351,600kg of fruits and vegetables from being wasted, converting them into fabulous, award-winnng condiments packed with flavour and purpose.



Brought up on a small farm on the West Coast of Scotland, Jenny’s family had a remarkable love of… chutney! They often grew and preserved much of their own produce. Her Rubies’ journey started out by rescuing produce from New Covent Garden market determined to find a way to put these aesthetically imperfect (but perfectly delicious) ingredients to good use.


“What really interests me is consumers’ changing desire to support small independent producers. It’s exciting to see the growth in the industry – making the small mighty! I’m also a big fan of SustainaBox, it showcases the very best sustainable brands around!”