Helping to Protect the Ocean with Sea Change Wines at Kuredu Maldives

Sea Change are passionate about two things: protecting our oceans from plastic pollution and great tasting wine. Every bottle of Sea Change helps fund ocean conservation projects across the globe and their minimal packaging reduces waste and environmental impact. With the removal of plastic wrap from around the cork, the use of renewable plant-based closures and the paper for the labels coming from certified sustainable forests and made partially from grape waste, you can be sure of the packaging’s environmental credentials. For every 75cl bottle sold, they donate a minimum of €0.25 to their charity partners. They aim to support a local charity in every country where Sea Change is sold and cover a range of scales from global to local, including Plastic Oceans UK and the Olive Ridley Project. Since launching in 2018, they have raised in excess of €75,000.






Behind Sea Change is 10 International, a family wine business founded by Toby and Bill over 15 years ago. Toby and Bill have always felt strongly that business has a responsibility to the environment. With this in mind, it was a casual discussion in 2018 between them, Simon and Ian, who run the UK side of the business, about the news coverage of the impact of plastic on our oceans, that ignited the idea for Sea Change.


 "One of our first wines was Pink Elephant, and through this wine brand, we partnered with the Elephant Family charity that protects Asian elephants and their habitat. With the climate very different today and the impact on our environment greater than ever, we believe we need to do more. Creating the Sea Change brand gives us the opportunity to do that,” says Bill.