Toast Ale - Raise a toast. Save the world. Cheers


Toast Ale, the delicious planet-saving beer brewed using yesterday’s bread from bakeries to fight food waste. Even better, all of their profits are poured into environmental charities and those attempting to solve the problem of food waste! Food production is the biggest contributor to climate change, but one third of all food is wasted. Toast launched in 2016 and now has nationwide retail, pub and hospitality distribution. They have brewed over 2 million slices of surplus bread that would otherwise have been wasted and their open-source source recipe has been accessed over 70,000 times. Toast has influenced over 50 collaboration brews using surplus bread in more than 8 countries and raised nearly £50,000 for charity.


FOUNDER: Rob Wilson



Prior to Toast, Rob has been a serial social entrepreneur! His past includes leading Ashoka in the UK, setting up READ International in 2004 and co-founding Generation Change in 2012. Rob lives in Kent with his wife Nikki and their two very cheeky little boys Thomas and Matthew – with a third on the way! In his spare time Rob coaches his son’s football team, runs to try and burn off the beers, is a geek for all things social enterprise and never misses the Formula One.



“Toast are thrilled to be part of SustainaBox alongside so many other epic social enterprises. “Companion” is a core value of Toast. It literally means to break bread with, which is of course especially appropriate for us. But most fundamentally, for us we know that we’ll only ever achieve the change we wish to see in the world by building bridges, forming partnerships and growing our network of close companions – which is what we certainly consider Sustainabox! Raise a toast, save the world, cheers!” – Rob Wilson, Chief Toaster