Two Farmers



Passionate about the Herefordshire countryside and their award-winning potatoes, founders Sean and Mark hatched a plan to honour and celebrate these potatoes over a pint and a packet of crisps. They grow, harvest, store, cook and pack our crisps on site at their Herefordshire farm, using renewable energy when possible. Also, they use the UK's first biodegradable crisp packet. When the crisps are all packaged and boxed up, they begin their journey to our customers around the country. This is the first time the potatoes have left the farm since being planted – removing any excess road milage from the process.

 FOUNDERS: Mark and Sean

Mark, a second-generation farmer dreamt of making crisps from his very own potatoes. He wanted to produce something that would firmly cement Herefordshire on the foodie map. Fellow farmer Sean’s day job as a potato merchant inspired him to protect the countryside around him and sparked Sean’s desire to become the first crisp brand in the UK to launch a 100% compostable bag.