Session IPA
Session IPA

Session IPA

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Toast Ales

One-third of all food produced is wasted. Toast Ales uses surplus fresh bread to brew their refreshing beers and donates all profits to charities fixing the food system.

Session IPA  |  4.2%

A hoppy, zesty and citrussy Session IPA. Brewed with surplus fresh bread, malted barley and Amarillo, Ahtanum and Liberty hops. 

Our Tree Planting Mission

Our mission is to make tree planting accessible, affordable and attractive.

We are going to do this by planting a native tree, here in the UK, for every SustainaBox purchased by you.

 A single broadleaf tree has the potential to offset up to 1.5 tonnes of carbon in its lifetime; this has been estimated to be the equivalent of one fifth of the average UK resident’s annual emissions.

By planting a tree with each SustainaBox we are giving you the opportunity to make a substantial and lasting environmental impact. Negate your carbon footprint whilst tracking your sapling with our Tree Finder. 

In turn we are working toward a wider mission of regrowing and replenishing UK Woodland, creating balanced and thriving ecosystems. Discover how we are achieving this here.

Community action is essential to succeeding in this mission. The younger generation must know the value of trees and their role in environmental protection. We are therefore reaching out to schools and local community groups to initiate this process. 

Shining Light on Sustainable Products

Our products are not only of the highest quality, but they also have their own social or environmental mission, balancing purpose with profit.

Explore the descriptions of our Boxes to find out how each is packed full of products that are here to make a difference.

Taking Sustainable Practices Further 

We are striving to ensure all of our own packaging is biodegradable, compostable and sustainably sourced. We will continue to carefully select products with the sustainability of their packaging in mind.

Our delivery is certified carbon neutral.

When it comes to the SustainaBox itself, we’ve thought outside the box. Each box contains a packet of seeds so you can repurpose your SustainaBox by filling it with soil and germinating your seeds. You can then bury the entire SustainaBox in the ground, to boost soil nutrients and help your plants to grow.


To find out the influences and the story behind SustainaBox, click here to read Our Roots blog.

Trees play an incredibly vital role in nature. Unfortunately, the UK has one of the lowest tree coverages in Europe with a mere 13% of our land covered by trees, and only 2% of that is ancient woodland. Biodiversity is also plummeting. A recent study showed a fall in 41% of our native wildlife populations since 1970. 

Despite these worrying statistics, the UK has been highlighted to have one of the highest potentials for reforestation globally. Nature is incredibly resilient; our woodland ecosystems can still thrive – we just need to give them the chance. 

We're incredibly proud to be launching our very own tree planting operation, with a tree planted for every SustainaBox purchase by you. The operation will begin in January 2021 and has been endorsed by the Woodland Trust.

We will plant native trees best suited to each site as guided by the Woodland Trust. This will ensure that, in time, your trees will create a balanced and thriving ecosystem. Once planted, we will monitor and maintain your trees closely to ensure that they flourish and grow to healthy maturity.

Click on the map below to discover more about where your trees are being planted.

Planting trees, doing more.

With every SustainaBox, we're planting a native tree, for you, here in the UK. In doing so, we're gibing you the opportunity to make a lasting impact. Each tree has the potential to offset over 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide. You don't need us to tell you about the climate calamity we're facing.

However, we see the trees as more than just the powerful offsetting tools they are. We see them as the home of hundreds of species, supporting our habitats and anchoring our ecosystems. 


We've partnered up with the Woodland Trust to ensure that we plant the maximum ecological benefit with each tree. With each of our planting sites we examine exact which trees should go where. This leads to the most important point of all:

The right trees, in the right place.


Location 1: The Lake

Number of trees: 1025

Particular features: Goat willow and alder in surrounding the lake and in damper areas. 

This scenic lake is our first ever tree planting location. Lakeshores provide habitats for a wide variety of species, from willows to woodpeckers. Planting around lakeshores, if done correctly, provides natural habitats, stabilises slopes, improves soil porosity, mitigates floods and filters out unwanted pesticides, all ensuring a balanced ecosystem. We’ll be planting species that thrive with plenty of water at their feet.

Read our Impact Report 2021 to find out how our start-up is leading from the front.